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September 14 2021

Date:  September 14 2021 @12 noon


Attendance:  refer to sign-in log




Presenter:  Innovation

  • 2019 CODE discussion regarding Visual Communication requirements.

  • Innovation has a solution to the code change

    • It’s similar to a “Zoom” call to the elevator providing 2-way communication

    • The code requires the in car camera to be able to view the full elevator cab floors and have audio visual capabilities

    • The system would be monitored by a separate company

    • A phone is STILL required with in each elevator

    • This change, once adopted, would apply to all units with above 60ft. of rise

Business meeting:

  • Golf outing was a success this season.  With a goal of raising $8K it was beat with a total of $9630!

  • 2022 registration and memberships was reviewed.  It was agreed the annual membership prices will NOT increase for 2022.

  • MESA is planning to host the December meeting as the annual Holiday party.  Location TBD.

  • Voting for board positions will take place at the December meeting.

    • Terms are for a max of two (2) years.

  • Treasurer David Gaudet confirmed MESA taxes are filed  and up to date

  • 2021 did not bring any additional income above the golf tournament

  • Committee to review the membership list in preparation for 2022

New Business / Discussions:

  • New sprinkler requirements in hoistways and machine rooms for nursing homes to maintain Federal Funding is still under review.  Currently MA does not have a sprinkler requirement in the hoistways and machine rooms.

  • Discussed recent findings that with some types of elevators the Phase II in car stop switch may interfere with the constant pressure door operation requirement.  This is being reviewed and clarified.

Next meeting to be October 12, 2021.

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