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October 12 2021

Date:  October 12, 2021 @12 noon


Attendance:  refer to sign-in log




Presenter:  Peelle 

  • Matt Yelland of Peele shared a presentation with the team demonstrating the new useful step by step videos available for site surveys for freight doors.

  • Step by step videos are available on Peele’s website and on youTube.

  • Passenger door videos also available.

  • Peele also offers product guides with useful information including minimum dimensions and style options for varied applications.

  • If customization is necessary due to clearance issues Peele offers many solutions for varied applications

Presenter:  IUEC Local #4

  • Pat Sampson shared an overview of who IUEC Local #4 is their function and the highlights of how they partner with the various IUEC and Local entities to provide well rounded training and support to their members.

  • Reviewed the org chart and structure of IUEC Local #4.

  • Currently IUEC Local 4 has 1175 members, 27 of which are women, 65 probationaries

  • IUEC members are offered a pension, 401K, annuity, and health benefits as negotiated through the Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA).

  • The National Elevator Industry Educational Program (NEIEP) provides classroom structure through an eight semesters (100, 200, 300…..800) four year program. As the field members work in the field to reach 6800 On the Job Training hours (OJT) they must also go to school to be eligible to progress from year to year and then become eligible for the Mechanic’s Exam. 

    • Once IUEC Local #4 members have met the OJT requirements and the NEIEP semester requirements they are eligible to take the NEIEP Mechanic Examination.

    • IUEC Local #4 members who have completed three (3) years of schooling and have completed enough OJT training hours at the end of three (3) year are eligible to take the STATE test.

    • MA has two (2) tests required to become a Mechanic in the state. 

      • NEIEP Mechanic Exam

      • State Test

  • NEIEP has a JAC (Joint Apprenticeship Committee) which runs the recruitment process.  The JAC consists of equal representation of IUEC and Company members.

  • NEIEP has a new state of the art training facility in RI which is used to train the Instructors who teach the 100-800 Semesters and continuing education to the apprentices and Mechanics.

  • NEIEP also offers a vast variety of continuing education and certification courses for IUEC members.

  • Helmets to Hardhats and Building Pathways members are sourced to supplement the open recruitment list.

  • The Elevator Industry Work Preservation Fund (EIWPF) offers support to the industry as well:

    • Codes support- including the recent development of a pit ladder which shuts the elevator down if anyone is on the ladder

    • EIWPF’s main focus is to preserve the IUEC’s work

      • Currently assisting with the wind turbine work available throughout the country and locally

  • IUEC Local #4 has partnered with BedRock Recovery as additional support to the IUEC Local #4 team members and their families needing assistance with drug and alcohol abuse.  Unlike Beacon Health, which is another option available through the NEIBP (National Elevator Industry Benefit Plan), BedRock does not wait for the insurance to be approved to assist.  They will pick up a member in need as soon a phone call is placed.  They offer in patient and out patient services.

  • IUEC Local #4 contributes to many Charities and Provide Scholarship

    • Community involvement

    • PanMass Challenge

    • Lift for a Vet

    • Women in Trades

    • 3 scholarship per year

      • 2 @ $5K

      • 1 @ $10K

  • This year was the 32nd IUEC Convention.

    • Current CBA ends July 2022

    • The Convention is where the CBA is negotiated collectively between the IUEC and the Employers.

    • IUEC Local #4 asked that the NEIEP program add a CODES class to their standard curriculum.

Business Meeting:

  • January 2022 will mark the new year for MESA memberships.  List of members to be reviewed

    • Membership registration to be available on the new MESA website

  • MESA’s new website is LIVE!

  • The Holiday party will be December 14, 2021 at the Hilton Dedham, more details to follow in the next meeting.

  • The presenter at the November meeting will be Minnesota.

  • Next Meeting: November 9, 2021

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