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October 11, 2022

MESA Meeting Minutes:

October 11, 2022 at 12 noon


Attendance:  see sign in log



Guest Speaker:  

NEII- Amy Blankenbiller- Executive Director


  • NEII and NEAC are “companion organizations”.  Known as the Premier Trade association representing the global leaders in building transportation.  

  • NEII Membership:  represents 85% or more of the building transportation industry hours in the US.

  • NEII was charted in 1934- under the Elevators Manufacturers Associations.  At that time there was a strong focus on code

  • The Board of directors is comprised of elevator manufacturer presidents.

    • Ensures the focus and strategies are endorsed by industry leaders

  • Safety is main focus for NEII

  • NEII collects and analyzes data-  

    • Including types of elevators, near misses, safety, averages for cities, etc.

  • NEII’s resent structure was set up for better alignment of staff responsibilities across functions and to allow more focus.

    • Dedicated Safety person

    • Dedicated Code person

  • NEII Committees:

    • Central Code-

      • Development of code, technical updates, code interpretations, technical input, deviations and variances

    • Communications-

      • Industry meetings

      • Media Strategies

      • Graphics

    • Government Affairs-

      • Engage with jurisdictions

      • Strategy management

    • Safety-

      • Industry Data

      • Best Practices

      • Reduce injuries and incidents, accidents


  • NEII recent objectives

    • Elevate safety within industry

      • Accidents have reduced in the past 20 years

      • Drive fact base policies and goals

      • Focus on top risks and injuries

      • 9 safety absolutes

    • Drive towards more diverse, inclusive workforce

      • Ensure opportunities are available 

      • Recruitment awareness

    • Influence all stages of code lifecycle

      • Ensure model code facilitate innovations and choice 

      • Promote adoption of most recent codes

      • Secure consistent standard and enforcement

    • Collaborate with labor and other strategic partners

      • Work together on area of common interests


Mass Topics

  • A17.1 (2013)

  • Over 80 deviations from A17.1 in MA code

    • Only NYC has more changes

    • Control rooms required even with  “MRLs”

    • Pre-testing for periodic inspections required

    • Self- attestation of addressing deficiencies allowed

  • 6 states adopt the A17.1 code as is

  • 10 jurisdictions that have more than 10 deviations from the model code

  • Code Review underway

    • Board of elevator Regulations hearing Oct 5

      • NEII submitted comments

      • Requested meeting to focus on most critical deviations

      • Goal is to have a draft of the new MA code out at the end of the year

  • Deliberations of the proposed draft rule may conclude later this year

  • NEII MA Industry Working Group to meet in November- additional information to follow.

Sing up the NEII’s Newsletter- the “insider” @





Business Meeting Portion:

Octoberfest:  Industry Vendors Hosting

  • 3rd annual “Elevator Social” at Trillium Brewery.  Draper Elevator, Innovation Industries, Palmer Pads, Peelle Company, Porcelain Patch, and SCS Elevator Products invite you to kick back and relax for an afternoon….Friday October 14th, 1-4pm. Beer, food, prizes and of course…industry networking. 


Treasurers Report:  

  • 2nd Tuesday in December Christmas Party- Hilton

  • Scholarship report

    • Will be issuing two scholarships in March 2023

  • Membership report

    • Alpha new members

  • Website Update:  Presentations will be uploaded to the website from our presenters

  • Golf Outing: no updates

  • Cruise: may change the location for next year’s event

  • Code:  

    • FS90 compliance

    • Advantage is able to assist if needed

  • End of meeting

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