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April 12th, 2022 



Date:  April 12, 2022

Time:  12:00PM

Location:  Jake & Joe’s Norwood, MA


Attendance: refer to sign-in attendance sheet




Group discussion pertaining to the A17.1 language and the in-car stop switch definition. The wording within the code does not address the doors and their operation.


The recent enforcement of correcting the door operation while on Phase II (FS90), which requires constant pressure on the door open button to open the doors while on Phase II has created complications for elevator service providers and building owners throughout the state.


Tom McDermott, Chief of Inspectors- Office of Public Safety and Inspections spoke to the group about FS90.  There are about 2000 units currently known of in this FS90 status.  


The department has discretion to apply extensions, however they will not be giving extensions to 2000 units.  Therefore, the department is asking everyone to work in good faith to correct the units impacted by the FS90 code enforcement.  The department is not looking to placard elevators, but does expect the units affected to be compliant within a reasonable time frame which has been set; December 31, 2022.  In situations where an extension is needed the standard extension protocol needs to be followed.   All extension will be handled on a case by case basis.


The state portal is being worked on to address the known situation where the 2021 FS status is preventing 2022 annual applications thus triggering civil fines.  


The question was asked if a retest after the FS90 correction is complete requires a full fire service retest at 90 days?   Chief McDermott stated it is likely to only be re-tested for just FS90 and not requiring a full retest (smoke test / alarm co.)  IF that was the only violation the unit was cited for.


If the FS90 fix has been made to a unit you can apply for a 90 day reinspection earlier than the 90 days.  


Lieutenant Christopher Towski, from the Elevator Safety Board addressed the group.  He stated the fire departments are aware of the situation and are watching the progress of the state safety committee, while taking their own precautions of the situation.


The team had a discussion surrounding whether this code is impacting other areas of the country. There is an assumption that the FS90 enforcement is Massachusetts’ interpretation of the code.  However, it is NOT a MA interpretation of the code.  The code is just not being enforced in some other areas. A17.1 is a national code.  


The team discussed that customer push back is a real concern for the companies.  With MA being one of the only states enforcing the code many customers are asking why this needs to be done, and why it is costing them money.  


Virginia Controls is anticipating the FS90 software fix as a National issue.  


The changes required to correct FS90 to meet code vary per manufacturer and may involve software, hardware, or both.


The question was asked if a temporary certificate can be provided if the fix is in the works.  Earle Oliver, State Inspector, can be contacted in these situations.  These will be handled on a case by case basis. 


It was shared that BOMA has been actively discussing the FS90 impact.  Building property owners and managers feel the timeline presented is unreasonable.  With budgets already in place and a pandemic, they are asking for an extension.   Chief McDermott reiterated all extension requests will be handled on a case by case basis.


Chief McDermott  stated the inspectors are being trained for consistency.  If questions come up about testing and write ups they should go through the supervisor of the inspector for the particular area; list available at


Jeff Johnson- VP of Sales from ESI spoke to the group about ESI’s solution to the FS90 situation.  If a solution is needed contract ESI @ 516-239-4044.  For ESI to assist they will need prints.  The lead time is currently around three (3) weeks and the labor in the field is about one (1) day.  ESI’s fix is a controller overlay.


Business Meeting:

The boat cruise will be July 21, 2022, 25 spots are open.  MESA is seeking event sponsors.  Jeff K. of Innovation volunteered to be an event sponsor.  For additional cruise information and to sign up please visit


Treasurer- Roland Locke’s report:


    • 17 company members (see email)

    • 9 individual

    • 4 honary/retiree

  • This year MESA will be adopting / sponsoring a service dog


Scholarship Committee:

  • applications are being accepted through May 1, 2022

  • Another Constant Contact reminder will be sent in late April


Website Committee:


Golf Committee: 


New Business:  

  • The committee took a moment of silence for the late Mr. George Dalquist


Safety message:  

  • Don’t rush!  Though life and work are very busy it is important to slow it down and stay safe.


Next Meeting:  

  • May 10, 2022 at noon 

    • Speaker:  Harding           

    • Topic:  Wire rope

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